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Some info for Hope on Mosby Family History:

`In The Mosby Family History book By James H Mosby, The surname Mosby is a form of the old de Moresby, whitch in turn sprung from Mourice, Moriseby or morrysbye, meaning Morris' or Maurice's bye or dwelling.. Wales is names as the probable birthplace of the original Moris or maurice who gave his name to the manor Moresby. It seens when Edd Mosby the emirgrant for some reason changed the spelling to Mosby. apperantly when he left England it was spelled Moresby, as some who went to the South Pacific and Austrralia as due to the naming of Port Moresby , New Guinea

Also, I asked the woman who runs this website to do a lookup on Mosby. Here is what her email to me said: "This name is Norwegian in origin. It was given to one who came from Mosby, the name of several places in Norway. Mosby means "place where malt is crushed."

Lastly, Hello, my mother, a born-Mosby, had a Norwegian girl-friend in Paris, France, and this lady told her it was a typical Norwegian name. When you read a little bit the History of England, you learn that at the beginning of the first millenium, the island of England was populated by monks in monasteries, and the Vikings from Danemark and Norway thought nothing wrong with invading England very often because they thought it was great and easy to serve themselves with all the gold and silver hidden in those monasteries with no army. This could explain why Mosby became an english name, very early on. The Vikings or Normen (=Normandy) were very strong, and went all over Europe, by estuaries (Seine, Volga, Thames)